Mon. Sep 26th, 2022



Even if you are consistently smashing those monthly goals, savvy industry leaders always keep looking for ways to add some extra pep to their bottom line’s step. More sales mean you’re doing something right, but when they fall behind, the whole business can begin to wobble. There’s plenty of solutions out there though, but along with being effective, they need to be simple.

For myself, I just can’t bear to add anything that’ll complicate my life one inch further. I’ve got enough on my plate, and there’s no sense adding any extra ingredients to it.

Yet I know how it feels to see a monthly sales goal seemingly slip beyond reach, and it’s easy to get disheartened at such a sight. This can spread to drag the morale of the whole team down, so it’s important to have some tricks up your sleeve if sales start to drag.

Don’t settle and accept an underperforming strategy, take actions that can turbocharge sales and save the bottom line for any business.

Tap Into New Markets (Trust Me, They’re Out There!)

Hopefully, you’ve already realized it, but if not let me reiterate, we all are living in a global market where anyone with a wifi signal is a potential customer.

It’s tempting to stay close to familiar shores with local or regional customers, but if you really want to rev up your sales rate, then it’s time to hit the open seas. There’s limitless potential out there for any e-commerce business, it’s just a matter of casting a wide enough net.

First things first though, you need a compass to determine which direction to go in and help form your internal data insights. Luckily, used by many SMBs, tools like Pipedrive were designed to fulfill precisely this need, and their ability to identify and track qualified leads is the equivalent of virtual gold.

During a recent email exchange with Dominic Allon, CEO of Pipedrive, he shared the following: “Our goal is to support SMBs in their growth efforts. As such, our strengths help support smaller teams with finding quality leads, spending less time on repetitive tasks, and closing deals faster. We’ve succeeded when our customers hit their revenue targets — and quickly.”

It’s all about juicy data these days, and this application presents all the key information in an easily digestible form. Once you know more about your customer’s demographics, you can then target them better with your marketing campaigns for a better return of investment. The kind of guidance Pipedrive provides, for example, helps businesses navigate the endless waters of the web, and make sure sales never go stale for too …….