Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

It isn’t often that you see such young and ambitious talent winning prestigious awards such as the Corporate Vision Small Business Award. So, when young Christian Konopatzki was announced as being in the running for this award, the marketing world was taken aback. Sure enough, his hard work, determination and success in such a short space of time has proven that he is a force to be reckoned with and a well deserving winner if the Corporate Vision Small Business Award for the Best Affiliate Marketing Manager in 2021. Fighting off stiff competition, Konopatzki now joins an elite list of previous winners, all judged by industry experts.

This is not the first time that Christian Konopatzki has been recognised as an up and coming talent in the marketing industry. Previously winning the Global Time Talent Marketing Award, it is no surprise that he was able to stand head and shoulders above the other nominees in this category. Speaking of his previous win, the judges remarked that “Konopatzki has proven himself to be one of the most innovative and cutting edge marketers looking to scale their global marketing know how to a broader audience”. This ambition certainly did not go unnoticed with the Corporate Vision judges and is clear testament to his drive to succeed.

Corporate Vision is an esteemed organisation that is respected worldwide as champions for small enterprises and the dedicated teams behind them. They not only celebrate the hard work and dedication that goes in to running a business in today’s age, but they also support and educate small businesses on how to run an effective organisation and achieve results. The Corporate Vision Small Business Awards have been a major bow in the Corporate Vision string since 2016, and with more businesses shortlisted than ever in 2021, winning such a prestigious award is no easy task. The Corporate Vision stance is that “success is not based on the size of a business, the number of employees or the annual turnover. But instead, the level of success is demonstrated through innovation, great products and services, and an exemplary reputation both within the industry and with their clients and customers”.

This mindset certainly levels the playing field, allowing both newcomers to business to stand alongside seasoned professionals in the hope of achieving such an award. These awards are split into a variety of categories which include The Global Business Awards, The Ecommerce and Online Retail Awards and the Franchise Awards.

The Corporate Vision Global Business Awards

Over the last 4 years Corporate Vision have been seeking to find and reward hard working individuals that want to excel in their field of business. The judging process of this category is strict and rigorous as the researchers go through each piece of evidence with a fine tooth comb. Previous winners include industry giants from the Aerospace industry, Retail industry and Transport Industry. While this category is the Global Business …….